14th Commonwealth Staticians Conference 2005

The 14 Conference of Commonwealth Statisticians was held in Cape Town, South Africa in Sept., 2005. In 2005 as the global agenda, discourse and programmes of action call for moral imperatives to eliminate poverty, inequality and HIV/AIDS within the context of global and national political, economic and social trends, the challenge for statisticians in the commonwealth becomes even enormous was held in Cape Town, South Africa . Besides, 14th Conference also focus on sharing experience in Managing Statistics for more Equitable Societies in the context of national development priorities, international indicator programmes such as MDGs and NEPAD, which act as major watersheds for the call for reliable, timely and relevant statistics needed to measure, monitor and evaluate progress made towards attaining more equitable societies in the commonwealth community.
For more details please visit www.statssa.gov.za/commonwealth/index.asp



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