Objectives of the Conference

The objective of the conference is to provide the Heads of the National Statistics Offices (NSOs) of Commonwealth countries a forum to discuss:

  • A wide range of strategic management topics related to leadership and management of their own statistical systems including maintaining trust in official statistics;
  • Development of mechanism for a continual process of dialogue bilaterally or multilaterally amongst improved commonwealth statistical network in a collaborative fashion;
  • The future direction of the conference of commonwealth statisticians, including the setting up a permanent secretariat responsible for producing a dedicated website which may lead to additional benefits such as common publications, a stronger collective commonwealth voice at international statistical fora;
  • Assist in capacity building measures of developing commonwealth countries by fostering and encouraging a friendly interactive environment for participation in the conference.
  • Explore the barriers, constraints and possible solutions experienced by commonwealth countries in implementing international statistical standards in a timely and efficient manner; and
  • Identifying the areas for future collaboration in developing international standards and frameworks such a SNA, classifications and standards adopted across a broad range of subject domains through the formation of expert groups of those countries which have the greatest experience and success in those respective fields.



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